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Free Word \ Excel Password Recovery Wizard translate guide

Multi-language support

The resources for the program’s multi-lingual interface are stored in the following folder: <Program Directory>/languages, where <Program Directory> is the program installation folder (C:\Program Files\Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard\ by default).

Each subfolder in the “language” folder stores the interface of the program in a corresponding language. The names of these subfolders match the languages they are intended for (e.g. “English”, “Russian”). Each of these “localization folders” also contains several HTML pages and a string constants file called strings.lng. These are the files that need to be translated.

Step-by-step translation manual:

Step 1.
Create a new “localization folder” in the “languages” folder. Name it after the language you will be translating into. The name of the folder must be in English.

Step 2.
If you are going to translate from English, copy all the files from the “English” folder to the newly created folder. If you are going to be using another source language, use a corresponding localization folder.

Step 3.
Use any free visual (WYSIWYG) HTML editor to translate all the files from folder you just created. Here are some hints:

  • Don’t translate program names.
  • The 03-select-approach.html file contains some links to Wikipedia articles. Change these links to localized versions of these articles in Wikipedia.
  • If a sentence you translated does not fit into the allocated space, try paraphrasing it, find shorter synonyms or use commonly accepted abbreviations.

Step 4.
Use any text editor (for instance, Notepad) to translate strings.lng. Here are a couple of recommendations:

  • Do not remove the numbers in the beginning of sentences and the equals sign - they are important and nothing will work without them!
  • The \n sign denotes a carriage return. Use it where necessary in long sentences.
  • Translation of strings 111, 112, 113 must be very accurate and completely match the meaning of button captions on the following page: 06-recover-go.html

Step 5.
Take a look at the result by launching the program. If you did everything correctly, you will see your language on the list of available interface languages. Switch to it and try working with the program. If everything looks good, please send us your localization folder to

We will add your localization to the next program build and will feature your name in the “Special thanks” list on our site.