Word and Excel Password Recovery


Recover passwords for MS Excel spreadsheets (*.xls) and Word documents (*.doc) for free. If you are looking solution to find passwords for *.xlsx and *.docx files, try the online service Password-Find.com

Four simple steps to find your password


Select a password protected file

.xls and .doc files are supported


Select approach

Use Dictionary or Brute Force attack and change the settings to suit your needs



You can follow the attack's progress via the progress bar


Get your recovered password

And unlock your Word or Excel files


What kind of files are supported?

Files created in MS Excel and MS Word 97-2003. They can be easily distinguished by the extensions .xls and .doc in the file name.

What if my file is not supported?

For .xlsx and .docx files we can recommend an online password recovery service Password-Find.

How long does it take to recover a password?

It varies greatly depending on the computing power of your PC and the password strength. To shorten the time you need to recover a password, please follow the advice given in the Detailed instructions section.

Can sheet passwords be recovered?

No, Free Word and Excel Wizard doesn't recover sheet passwords. They are not secure and can be easily removed. For sheet, workbook and modify passwords we can recommend Password Lastic software – it’s the best among several solutions we tested.

What if the file contains sensitive information?

Our program utilises resources of your own computer and isn't connected to any remote servers, so you don't need to upload your files to the Internet or even have Internet connection for it to work. We value your privacy and don't collect any information about your system or your files.

Are there any paid options?

No, Free Word and Excel Wizard is true to its name – you don't need to pay for any of its features.

Help translate the interface

Everyday people from all over the world download our MS Word and Excel password cracker. Our multi-language interface is an important part of their experience. We want to make our tool available to as many people from different countries as possible. Unfortunately, as a non-profit project, we can't afford hiring many translators. That's why we created an interface Translation Guide. Now any user can become a member of our project! Help translate the program interface to your native language and let millions of users know about your contribution. Your translation will be included in the next build of the program and your name will be featured in the "Special thanks" section.

We give our special thanks to

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